CIMH Training Programmes

Since the first training course which commenced in 1968, more than 1400 students have been trained at the Institute in the various branches of meteorology, while more than 200 have been trained in hydrology since the inception of this program in 1982. Students for these courses come from the sixteen member countries of the Caribbean Meteorological Organization (CMO), as well as from non-member countries such as the Bahamas, Suriname, and some African countries. The training program is designed to ensure that meteorology and hydrology make their maximum contribution to the economic development of the region.

The meteorology program is conducted at the four WMO classified levels. The hydrology program is offered at the two WMO classified levels. The programs are designed to upgrade the skills of personnel working in the field of water resources at the operational level. The Institute also offers a number of short specialised courses and workshops aimed at upgrading the skills and expertise of experienced meteorologists and hydrologists.

Admission for Training

Candidates who are Government employees and are seeking admission to any of the courses at the Institute should do so through the Heads of their Department. Other candidates may write directly to the Institute.

All candidates for the BSc degree program should write directly to the University.

The addresses are:

The Principal
Caribbean Institute for Meteorology & Hydrology
P.O. Box 130
The Assistant Registrar
Admissions Section
Cave Hill Campus
University of the West Indies
P.O. Box 64
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