The Institute offers consultancy and contractual services in meteorology, hydrology, and related fields to regional and international organisations as well as to private firms.

In the area of alternative energy, the Institute carried out a wind and solar resource assessment in six Caribbean islands under contract to the Caribbean Development bank in 1984 which identified sites for the installation of wind turbines for the production of electric power. The Institute also managed the installation and testing of the wind turbine in St. Lucy, Barbados under contract to the Government of Barbados and the International Development Bank.

In 1991, under contract to the Canadian International Development Agency, the Institute carried out an assessment of cloud cover over the Windward and Leeward Islands to determine the 'best flying time' for the acquisition of aerial photographs. As part of this contract, the Institute also provided daily forecasts of cloud conditions during the period of photography.

In hydrology, hydropower potential assessments have been undertaken on rivers in Dominica, Grenada, and St. Vincent. Consultative work has also been carried out to determine sites for the digging of water wells in some of the Islands. Other projects such as the design of storage and control stations, the design and establishment of hydrological networks have been undertaken for funding agencies and for private concerns.

The Institute has also provided analysed wind, rainfall, and storm surge products for various consulting firms.

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