Research by the staff of the Institute is generally of an applied nature in keeping with the policy that such work should seek to find solutions to the various regional problems in the areas of meteorology, agrometeorology, and hydrology and should have immediate or at least short term applicability.

In the area of meteorology, several observational studies aimed at improving both short and long term weather forecasting have been undertaken. Several studies involving the analysis of radar data have also been carried out. Ongoing work include the evaluation of the performance of numerical weather prediction models in the tropics, the interpretation of model output and its use in forecasting the daily weather. Some research is focused on the relationship between the weather and human health.

In agrometeorology research is in such areas as crop micro-climate relationships and crop water requirements. The objective of such research is to provide the agricultural community with solutions to their problems.

Climatological research at the Institute focuses on the long-term changes of the various meteorological and hydrological parameters over the region and the consequent impact on climate change.

Research and investigation in hydrology are concerned with the problem of water resources in the context of basic data and analyses for planning and engineering concerns. Research is conducted in areas such as flood forecasting and hydrogeological studies.

The Institute welcomes opportunities to collaborate and participate with other institutions or agencies in the conduct of research in areas of mutual interest.

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