Data Archive

The CIMH maintains an archive of meteorological and hydrological data from member countries of the CMO. The archive consists of hourly synoptic and daily climatological data collected at airport stations operated by the meteorological services; daily climatological data from independent climatological/agrometeorological stations; daily and monthly rainfall, stream flow, and stage data from hydrological services and water agencies.

The data records at the CIMH date back to about 1970 but some earlier records, particularly rainfall, are also available. The original records are in paper form, but the vast majority are stored in digital, computer database files. The data are archived in special meteorological and hydrological databases which allow easy access to the data.

Hourly meteorological observations include: temperature; humidity; wind speed and direction; atmospheric pressure; cloud types, amounts and heights; the occurrence of precipitation, thunderstorms; and other types of weather elements observed at airport stations.

Daily climatological data comprise maximum and minimum temperature, rainfall amounts, sunshine, radiation, and evaporation, among others.

The Institute publishes a two-volume summary of monthly averages and extremes of meteorological variables annually. Rainfall summaries for Barbados are also published annually. These summaries, together with the raw data, serve as the basis for responding to various data requests from various sources, including engineers, agriculturists, architects, and other consultants engaged in both government and private projects.

Charges are usually made for archived data and consultancy services.

All requests for data should be forwarded to the Principal.

To view an inventory of available data please go to Data Inventory

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