Operational Aeronautical Forecasters Course

Graduates of this course are expected to:

·  Analyze and interpret synoptic weather charts and diagrams depicting current weather conditions.
·  Identify the physical and dynamical processes creating the weather conditions and be able to predict what conditions will evolve from the effects of these processes
·  Interpret and use NWP products in the prediction of the weather
·  Interpret satellite imagery and use these in analysis and forecasting
·  Prepare terminal and other forecasts for aviation and prepare documentation for use in flight planning and aircraft movement
·  Know the weather conditions which are hazardous to the movement of aircraft and be able to predict these conditions
·  Familiarize themselves  with the relevant ICAO and WMO standards, recommended practices and codes relating to aviation

Topics covered in this course are:

Aeronautical Meteorology

Synoptic Meteorology Analysis

Forecast Office Simulation and Current Weather Discussions